Further up the coast to Cromer for crabs

We left Great Yarmouth, home of the smoked herring, and drove to Cromer, where crabs are the specialty. Plus of course the obligatory chips & ice cream. We’re staying at the Hotel de Paris. Drove down the lane, wide enough for a car, while carefully avoiding pedestrians. Lovely sea view. Having got there and parked the car I wasn’t sure how we’d get out the following morning.

I had to drive down the right hand lane to get to the hotel. I’d put the address into our GPS but when it said “drive down ‘the road'” I was a bit skeptical to say the least. So we drove to the town car park and I walked the 10 minutes back down to see if I did indeed have to drive down the lane. Shame on me for thinking the GPS was wrong! The crab sandwiches in a local cafe were wonderful.


and then find a parking spot. All those windows are hotel rooms. Count the windows and then count the parking spots. Bit of a disparity to say the least.


Lovely view of the pier from our room. In the evening we went to a show on the pier, “Made in Dagenham – the Musical”.  Very funny!


During the interval I popped out and caught the hotel in the evening light


Cromer Pier at night


We figured if we leave early enough in the morning we could get up the lane before the tourists started flocking to the beach so we were up and out immediately after breakfast. Fortunately the lane was quiet so we made it out without having to navigate around pedestrians and their chips & ice cream.

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