England East Coast, Great Yarmouth

We drove east from Bletchley Park and found a hotel on the front at Great Yarmouth, a couple of hours’ drive away.  Gt Yarmouth was the home of the smoked herring industry and the small museum dedicated to the industry is well worth a visit.

Had a bit of a fascination with the offshore wind farm, clearly visible from our hotel room. The first picture is the windfarm at 5am. I took it not because it gets light at 4.30 (it does), nor because we had to leave the windows open to cool the room (no a/c), but maybe because the very clean burghers of Great Yarmouth had the very noisy street cleaning machines out at 4.30 along the seafront outside our hotel.


“Chips and ice cream”. Great Yarmouth is a typical British seaside resort.


We decided not to eat in the Osmopolitan Restaurant, instead I settled for a tub of cockles.




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