Bletchley Park, home of the WWII code breakers

We drove to Bletchley Park, north of London, to visit Bletchley Park. The tourist information said “allow 4 hours” and when I see estimates I generally think “ok, we’ll be done in an hour or two” but no, we were there 4 hours and didn’t see all of it. Our passes are good for 12 months so if we do return we can take more time. Because we spent so much time in the museum I missed the computer museum, located in the same grounds. Bletchley Park was a stately home taken over by the government to house the top secret code breaking effort. Huts erected in the grounds served as the offices for the team and they’re under renovation to recreate their look during WWII.

The site includes equipment used by the code breakers and a description of the tools and methods they used. There are short videos and audio recordings at various points. The museum is spread over multiple huts so be prepared to walk outdoors as you make your way around. In one of the huts there was a small exhibit dedicated to carrier pigeons, used to send messages from the front lines in Europe, some even making the long journey back to the UK.


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3 Responses to Bletchley Park, home of the WWII code breakers

  1. I’d like to visit there sometime. Thank you for sharing the details and photos.

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