13th May Fuente Álamo Triathlon: Puerto de Mazarrón to Fuente Álamo

Last Saturday was the 28th running of this triathlon. We’re in Puerto de Mazarron for 3 weeks and are renting an apartment on the paseo. We’d heard rumours that the event was taking place but no real information.

On Friday morning the “no parking, 2 day event” signs appeared on the parking spaces close by, where our car was parked and workers began unloading all manner of equipment, barriers, carpets etc onto the paseo parking lot and started fencing off the area.

We managed a quick grocery run in the morning and parked a couple of spaces down, past the upcoming tow away zone. That was it for Friday.

After a lengthy determined web search I did manage to find some information: the swim, 750m, starting point was further down the paseo; the transition stage from swim to the 25k bike ride was directly opposite us and the final segment, a 5k run was inland in Fuente Alamo.

Early Saturday morning the area was transformed as workers and volunteers descended to build barriers, bike stands, and all the needed infrastructure ready for the 4:30pm start. We could confirm the PA system worked perfectly and the music came across loud and clear (inside our apartment I kept thinking “I must turn the volume down so I don’t disturb the neighbours” then remembering it wasn’t me making the noise).

Then just before lunch contestants started arriving and the staging area began filling with bikes. I believe they expected around 700 participants, including some foreign entrants.

You could feel the excitement build as the start time approached. From our balcony vantage point we had a perfect view of the swim stage end / bike stage start.

Then it was 4:30 and the race was underway. The published time in the local news said 4:30-6, which I thought was not a lot of time for 700 people to complete the race. It turned out this time was just for the staggered start as the swimmers were staged into several groups.

And they were off!


Out and around the markers in the bay and ashore at the transition stage

And then they were gone. Several hours later the road was open and there was no indication that anything had taken place. The entire event was organised and managed with perfect precision.

We had a perfect view and we thoroughly enjoyed watching all the proceedings and the first stage of the race.

But I’ve no idea who won; maybe something will pop up online if I look hard enough.

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2 Responses to 13th May Fuente Álamo Triathlon: Puerto de Mazarrón to Fuente Álamo

  1. Great Pics…..exciting stuff, reminds me of when I watched the Olympic triathlon held in Coca Cabana Bay in Rio ( On TV)….almost the same scenery! I think that there is a strong likelihood that the fastest person won.

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