Puerto de Mazarron – our second visit

We’re back in Puerto de Mazarron for a few weeks. This time we’re renting an apartment on the paseo overlooking the sea. The Costa Calida has a rugged coastline with many bays and natural harbours. The area around Puerto de Mazarron is steeped in history, going back to Phoenician times and beyond. Evidence of Roman occupation is still very much in evidence.

Although there are many expatriate residents here, the region is quieter than the other Costas and there are fewer high-rise blocks overlooking the ocean. Out of season Puerto de Mazarron is more laid-back and the atmosphere is relaxed. Weather so far during our March-May stay has been generally good and we do see the average temperature rising. The sea temperature is also rising so a dip in the sea is not so breathtaking in May as it was in April.

The town of Mazarron is a 20-minute drive from the port and was a mining centre. The port is small and compact with many narrow streets and a challenging one way system for motorists. Many restaurants and cafes line the Paseo, all offering the obligatory Menu del Dia, which varies in price depending on the day and month. We’ve seen it rise from €8 on a weekday in March to an average of €10 on weekdays now in May, rising to €13-15 on some weekends. These set course meals are always good value with 3 courses plus a drink and dessert.

There are many bays and sandy beaches along the coast from the port, the nearest ones in walking distance but you need transport, car or bike, to get to the more isolated ones.

The region is renowned for its tomatoes and seems to be a fertile growing area for all manner of fruit and vegetables.

Away from the port the nearest large towns are Cartagena and Murcia, both within 30 or 40 minutes’ drive. Cartagena is rich in Roman history and is a beautiful city to visit, with a busy pedestrian-only shopping area and a large marina. It has rail links to the rest of Spain and beyond. The nearest airport is Murcia San Javier, a small airport semi-military with limited flights. Alicante, about 1.5 hours’ drive, is the nearest major airport.

We came here initially for a 4-week visit, enjoyed it so much that we’re back for another 3 weeks, and are considering a longer stay next year.

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