Thursday Arizona, Friday England

British Airways overnight non-stop from Phoenix to London. The seats that are passably comfortable during a daytime long haul flight are less so on an overnight flight. Plenty of time to read a book and think about something I read the other day: “people go on vacation to leave all the comforts of home to enjoy the constraints and fewer facilities that traveling offers”.  

And so we left this

To enjoy this

By way of this

We traveled by coach from Heathrow to Swindon. When I booked the coach I wanted to allow plenty of time to clear immigration and collect our bags so it was a bit of a surprise to find at the baggage carousel that of the 300 and something passengers on the flight, there were maybe 30 of us collecting bags and we were out into the arrival area in record time. The walk from T3 to the Central Bus Station is about 15 minutes through various tunnels and we made it to the bus station just in time to miss an earlier coach. As we pulled into Swindon the coach driver proudly announced that we’d arrived 20 minutes early, giving us a little more time to enjoy what felt like sub-zero temperatures outdoors at the bus station before our lift arrived. Did I mention it was 92F in Phoenix yesterday?

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