Jet Lag – Saturday morning 3am

It’s 3:30 and I’m Wide Awake in England. The 7 hour time difference is taking its toll. The blue light on my phone charger is happily showing me it’s doing it’s job charging my various mobile devices but there’s no similar blue-lit device for me. 

Time was when my tried and tested method for overcoming jet lag was drink beer from 6 until 10pm then sleep. After 2 days my body clock adjusted just fine. Over the years since, I’ve tried melatonin tablets (nope), drink tea until 10pm (equally nope), and pretend everything is normal (pointless – you can’t fool your body clock). 

And so here I am at 3am, in the quiet darkness, keying my thoughts into my recently charged iPhone. It’s too late to try my “drink beer until 10pm” method and too early to wake the house and make a cup of tea. In the meantime I can look at some blue sky

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  1. says: can only get better 🤓

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