A week on the Costa Blanca

Back to London Gatwick for one more time. Bus to Gatwick via Heathrow had to detour due to Trouble At Junction 7 on the motorway. The detour took us within signpost distance of Gatwick but on we went to Heathrow. 
At Heathrow an earlier bus, apparently running late, was showing “boarding, go to stand 17.” We trundled cases to Stand 17 to be told bus had broken down and wasn’t going anywhere. Back to the waiting area for our “wait in the lounge” connection.

Finally at Gatwick and an early night for another 4am start. As ever, Gatwick airport is teeming with life in the early morning hours.

On board flight waiting to depart. 20 minute delay because they have to power down and reboot the plane. Captain says “engineers assure me this usually works”. 

Nothing reminds you more of the fact that you’re sitting inside a large mobile electronic device than when the person in charge says “we have to reboot.” Don’t know if an Airbus is Windows or Android OS.

After the 20 minute ctl-alt-del we were pushed back. For 10 feet until the tug pin broke so another wait while they fetched a new pin.  An hour behind schedule we were finally on our way.

To our hotel on the cheap bus calling at all stops until finally we were the only people left. Most passengers on the bus were staying at Benidorm and as we drove through the town we passed this hotel under construction. Not sure I’d want to spend time on the upper floors!

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