A few days in London

We stayed in a budget hotel in Hounslow, considerably cheaper, even taking tube fares into account, than a central London hotel. But there were drawbacks

We were on the flight path to Heathrow. Our early morning alarm at 6 was a plane, low enough to count the wheel nuts on the landing gear. The next one was 30 seconds later. Then another 30 seconds. Then another… Well, you get the picture.

This was enough encouragement to make an early start for the 45-minute tube journey into town.

Into Harrods to see the date mountains

Maybe a little too early for the Afternoon Tea Bus

But lunchtime in Covent Garden was a musical treat

The market, very busy and colourful

After a day wandering around, and eating in, Covent  Garden and Soho we caught the bus out of London.

On the bus, 2 rows in front of us, a small child listened to a music player that apparently predated a headphone socket. After the third rendition within 30 minutes of “and the wheels of the bus go round and round” we moved to the back of the bus. But too late; the dreaded ear worm had me hooked and it lingered for the rest of the journey.

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