Pafos, Cyprus – The Tombs of The Kings and the coast further north

The Tombs of The Kings is a World Heritage site 10 minutes’ walk from the hotel so in my continued exploration of things older than me I paid a visit. It’s only when you’re inside, having paid the €2.50 entrance fee, that they cheerfully admit there are no Kings buried here, just minor officials and celebrities.

The site is huge (8,498 steps according to my iPhone health app) and consists of what I can best describe as a lot of square holes in the ground. It took me 1 1/2 hours to get around it all – 8 tombs in all. No proper map so I found 1-4, then 8. Then wandered about a bit until I found 6 and 5. Never did find 7.

But it looks like the Americans may have discovered Cyprus before the Romans and Greeks

Further up the coast, no day out would be complete without sight of another shipwreck

But shipwrecks aside, the coastline is stunning

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