In Pafos, Cyprus

Our hotel is on the coast, north of Pafos. We arrived at 2am so didn’t see anything if our surroundings until the morning, when we discovered the lovely views from our hotel. From the restaurant, that is.
Our room is on the opposite side, facing the parking lot.

But it does have a balcony where you can sit and admire the view of the Lidl supermarket across the main road.

Once you get past the signs saying “Do not swim – strong rip tides” helpfully in several languages, you can, if you dare, paddle in the clear blue waters.

The ship in the picture above is stuck on a reef. It’s been there for some time.

We caught the local bus up the coast to Coral Bay (€5 for a one-day pass) where a sandy beach leads to the same warm waters. A 20-minute ride to a sandy paradise. Well, not exactly a ride. Us and the rest of the like-minded hotel population standing closely packed on the bus. 

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