Santorini Airport – into The Gates of Heck

Today is a hot day, temperatures about 30C. The coach picked us up from our hotel at 11am. We circled around town picking up people along the way and arrived at the airport, 5kms away, just after 11:30 with a full coach-load.

We collected our bags and then the fun started. We queued outside the building waiting to join the queue inside the building. Thomas Cook reps took the families with small children inside first. This seemed to be most of the coach load.

The remnants of the outside queue, us and 6 others, were eventually allowed to join the inside the building queue, and slowly we shuffled to the checkin desk. 

At the checkin desk we were given boarding cards, and bag tags for our checked bags. Then we took our checked bags, complete with bag tags, to the X-ray machine queue. 

At the slightly smaller X-ray queue we made our way slowly to the X-ray machine, where we finally said goodbye to our checked bags.

From there we walked to the other end of the terminal building to join the even smaller security queue and made our way through security to the departure lounge.

An hour and a half later we’re sitting in the departure lounge waiting for our opportunity to join the passport control queue. This one grows and shrinks with each successive departure.

We have an hour before departure and the passport control queue is snaking around the lounge, full of passengers for the flight immediately before ours.

As our departure time approaches the Passport Control person disappears (yes, just the one). Tempers are fraying, particularly with the people waiting to board the now late flight before ours who are still trying to get through to their plane. 

The Passport Control person returns 2 minutes after our scheduled departure time and we go through to the boarding area to join the “boarding the bus” queue. Outside, and it’s still very warm. 

After 15 minutes we get to the plane and, an hour after the scheduled departure time, we’re finally off.

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4 Responses to Santorini Airport – into The Gates of Heck

  1. Colleen says:

    So glad you finally got on your way! Enjoying hearing about your journey and seeing all of your beautiful photos.

  2. Teri Little says:

    Wonderful! I LOVE This travel log you have put together! Your photos and comments are beautiful and fun. I awwwwed at some and giggled at others, Thank you for sharing! You should write a travel book! Hope you and Mary have great fun for the rest of the trip. Stay safe and Happy. Teri Little

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