A day out on Ios

We took a trip from Santorini to Ios. The trip started with an 8:30am coach pickup from our hotel to the port of Athinios. The majority of passengers were a large party from the Czech Republic, as was the tour guide. Close to Athinios the guide gave a 5-minute speech, presumably on what to do. The English translator said “please have your documents ready”. Oh well.

We played follow the leader and found the right boat for our sailing to Ios. The sailing was an hour and then we took another bus from the port to the beach at Mylopotas. Well, another bus and a half. We all got on one bus as directed then 2 minutes later we were all asked to get off that bus and onto another one for the 15 minute ride to the beach.

White sand! And a beautiful day on the beach.

This part of the beach is attached to the Deep Blue hotel so lunch here

Back at the port for dinner on the quay

The tubs along the wall are filled with different spices

And the bathroom has interesting sinks

The return boat trip was the sunset bit. A bit hazy so not a red sunset

We were off the top of Santorini island near Oia.

Then it’s back to Athinios port for the coach to the hotel

We heard “green bus” in the tour guide’s directions, found the correct bus and arrived back at our hotel around 10pm so a long but enjoyable day.

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