Another day in Fiera

We took a boat ride to Nea Kameni, the Volcano

Our first stop was a thermal hot springs. The boat anchored about 150m from the shore and those who wanted to swim in the springs  jumped into the sea and swam.

We had about 30 minutes to swim to the springs, cover ourselves in mud, and swim back.

There were 2 boats tied together and looked almost identical. When we left, our boat was the furthest to shore. But they swung around and ours was now closest. I discovered this when I climbed the ladder back up and saw my wife waving at me from the other boat.

So back in the water and around the boats I went.

Our next stop was to see the 4 inactive volcanos.

We had an hour and a half to trek up the hills and I must confess, once you’ve seen one hole in the ground the others are “just holes”.

But I’ve done it and I can cross it off my list 😊

Then it was back to the bus stop for our trip back to Kamari. At the bus stop we played Hunt The Bus.

There were 6 buses tightly packed in the back row and 3 in the front row. The man in the kiosk said “bus 5”. There wasn’t a bus 5. Then the driver of bus 4 said “Kamari” so off we went.

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