The Bus Journey

We flew into the UK at London Heathrow and we leave tomorrow from London Gatwick. To avoid the  additional car rental charge for a different drop off location we take the car back to LHR and the bus to LGW.

And so, for the next few hours we:

Get the car rental courtesy bus to LHR Terminal 3. There we discover the Central Bus Station is at Terminal 2.

10 minutes underground on moving walkways gets us to T2 at 1pm for our 2:30 bus. The helpful person at the Central Bus Station changes our 2:30 booking to “any” and we rush for the 1:30 bus.

Mr Happy, our coach driver, growls that we’re booked on the next bus so I point to the “any” override. With a scowl and a jolly cry of “I’m already late” he flings our cases into the bus baggage hold. The bus is less than a quarter full.

Then we’re off. From the Central Bus Station to Terminal 4. And then to Terminal 5. After 15 minutes driving we’re still in Heathrow. So much for “Central” bus station.

Gatwick’s around an hour away and it has 2 terminals, North and South. We want South so naturally the bus goes to North first. 

At the South Terminal Mr Happy has difficulty getting our cases from the baggage hold: his sterling effort in tossing them in sent them to the very back of the hold. 

After 2 or 3 minutes with a hook on a long pole, and the now familiar scowl, he manages to get them out. I’m not sure he has the necessary patience to take up fishing as a hobby.

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