Flagstaff Arizona and snow

We left home in the warm sunshine this morning and here we are, same state, different weather.

It’s snowing. 

Stopped for dinner in a restaurant near the hotel and a curious thing happened.  We ordered and paid before finding a table. I was given the receipt with the usual space for a tip so, assuming good service, I put the amount and paid.

The cashier processed my credit card, I signed, she opened the till and gave me my tip in cash to hand to the server on completion of our meal.

I looked at her and she said “yes, I know it’s confusing.” Oh well.

Back in our hotel (“we have free wifi”) I’m posting this at the end of the corridor, next to the elevator because it’s the only place I can get a decent signal. Hotel seems busy judging by the number of people walking past. Giving me odd looks. As I explain one more time “it’s the only place l…”

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