West Bay, Dorset – Raft Race

The highlight on Thursday was the annual raft race on the River Brit in aid of the RNLI. Local teams race on homemade rafts up the river and back.   

The race took about 20 minutes so they didn’t go too far and one raft overturned on the way to the start line.

We decided on fish and chips from the takeaway after the race. As did the rest of the spectators. At the fish shop I stood In line for half an hour, ordered, then waited for an hour at the counter. 

Towards the end of my wait I could hear mutterings from behind the counter: “how many chips do we have”, “no more cod”, “we’ve run out of plastic bags”, “that’s the last of the battered sausages”. And still the line wasn’t getting any smaller. 

Finally, as the advertised 9 o’clock closing time approached my order appeared. “Do you want a plastic bag?” I had 4 orders of fish, chips and assorted other fried bits that I couldn’t manage unaided so they managed to find a bag and I left with our dinner. There were still around 20 or 30 people lined up outside, waiting hopefully to order food.

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