West Bay, Dorset – England in July

Summer in England. So far today we’ve had rain, then gale-force winds, then rain. At the moment we’re enjoying rain and gale-force winds together. This is West Bay harbour.


West Bay is on the southwest coast of England and was the location for the TV series Broadchurch. Which I assume took a while to film, what with all the rain and high winds.

A climb up to the top of this cliff is well worth it for the view. It’s a short but steep climb with a tendency to wobble a lot in the high winds. The view from the edge at the top is probably exciting but as I had every intention of walking back down rather than getting blown off the top, I stayed a few feet back.

Lacking something, or someone, to hold on to in the face of the gale-force winds, this is as close to the edge as it gets

Back down at sea level and we can happily leave the sunglasses at home

We’re here for a couple of days. With a suitcase full of sweaters, waterproof clothing, and an umbrella we’re all set to enjoy Summer in England. 

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