Lyme Regis and seagulls

Huge seagulls, grown fat on their diet of french fries and ice cream woke us early today as they circled overhead screeching their attack plans at each other. 
You have to wonder how many of them can remember the taste of fish without salt & vinegar and tartar sauce. If they had to go back to living off the sea instead of hot dogs and cheese sandwiches I suspect their numbers would quickly decline. “‘Ere, wot you eating there?” “Dunno but it keeps wriggling and there’s no ketchup.” 

We’re at the western end of the Jurrasic Coast in Devon 
But today the weather finally caught up with the weather app. The app’s been forecasting sunshine for days now and today it finally happened so we drove a few miles down the coast to Lyme Regis and spent a few hours enjoying the sun.

And the car park is at the top of 114 steps down to the beach

Of course, we had to climb back up  those same 114 steps and I’m sure they added a few while we were on the beach. But the view was just as lovely.


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