Driving in the rain again – part two

To get to Hereford we have to drive through the city of Gloucester and my GPS is guiding me through the roads and roundabouts. Then the skies open and visibility through the frantic windscreen wipers is a bit of a challenge. But the GPS leads me onward.

Then disaster: Road Works and the road we want is closed. Yellow Diversion signs are my new GPS so I follow them, in the heavy rain, around Gloucester. At one point we’re convinced we’ve been here before but we press on. 

I haven’t turned off the GPS so it keeps urging me to turn left, turn right, make a u-turn etc. Eventually, much to my GPS’s satisfaction, we rejoin the planned route. 

The rain has stopped but we’ve spent so much time driving around Gloucester that we decide on a closer destination, Ross-on-Wye.

It’s an old market town and this is the old Market Hall in the centre of the town.

Below is a Traditional Chinese Medicine shop in an old Tudor building 

Ross-on-Wye is next to the river Wye. It was a 5-minute walk from the town and when we got there we said “this is the river Wye” and we walked back to the town. 

An hour’s visit was enough so we decided to return and stopped in another market town, Cirencester, on the way home 

A larger and more interesting market town. 

The only thing now between us and home are the traffic light triplets on the narrow road into Purton.  This time, of course, all on red.

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