In Hythe, Kent – The Ossuary

But first… Close to Folkstone and the Channel Tunnel, Hythe is one of the five 11th century Cinque Ports along England’s south east coast.

We’re staying in an older hotel on the seafront that, while large and imposing, could do with a few upgrades. Our room has air conditioning:

The hook on this pole  

Fits the ring on this window  

And you pull it down to open or push it up to close. Taking care not to open too far in case the pigeons get in.

We’re on the seafront   

And close to the town. There’s a canal, The Royal Military Canal, that was constructed 200 years ago as a defense against Napoleon.  

And then there’s the St Leonard’s Church. Or rather, the Crypt. With an Ossuary – one of two in the UK


 Looks like this one provided a home at some point 
Upstairs in the church, with its rather impressive organ, you wouldn’t suspect what lies beneath. Well, except for this sign, which is a bit of a giveaway  

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