Driving Across Roadworks Britain

We’re driving to the south coast. The GPS says 2 1/2 hours to Brighton. It’s Sunday so this should be fine.

But… At 2 1/2 hours we’re sitting in a motorway service station having driven through endless roadworks and a multitude of road signs: “Variable Speed Limits”, “Average Speed  Check”,  “Mobile Safety Cameras in Operation”, and cameras are recording our every move, or lack thereof. In this M25 service station parking lot: “Automatic Number Plate Recognition”. 

We arrive in Brighton 134 miles and 4 1/2 hours later. And it’s raining. But that’s fine. There’s something satisfyingly depressing about sitting in the seafront of a British seaside resort on a grey, wet and windy day. 😊

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2 Responses to Driving Across Roadworks Britain

  1. Kathy says:

    ….as bad as the M6! Last week 5.5 hours to get to Newport!

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