Breakfast in Florence

Florence is a city comprised of multiple Piazzas, linked by countless Vias, interspersed with a myriad of narrow streets and alleys, populated with enticing looking shops, cafes and restaurants, and all winding out in every direction.
And at the entrance to each alley stand groups of perplexed looking tourists with maps and smartphones. For these are no easy streets to navigate and no easy maps to follow. On our five tourist maps that we carry, the large beige blocks bisected by wide avenues hide the reality of Florence’s bustling side streets.

We’re near the Duomo in search of breakfast. After an hour wandering in and out, this looks almost inviting but we move on.


Going in the wrong direction we find the river Arno, a great photo opportunity.

Then we go back through an avenue of designer stores to find breakfast. But not here:

Finally, at 11:30, we stop at a cafe for coffee and a pastry.

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2 Responses to Breakfast in Florence

  1. James Scott says:

    Lovely pictures

    • Thank you, James! Took those on my smartphone. I have many more on my camera but unfortunately can’t upload them until I get to my laptop (I don’t take it with me on short journeys)

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