Rome Colosseum

Back on the metro this morning with correct change in hand, I dealt with the ticket machine and here we are at The Colosseum.  

A sign describing the social order of seating in The Colosseum caught my attention:  

The maenianum summum perfectly describes many of the “cheap seats” we’ve sat in at events over the years.

We decided to take the bus rather than the metro back to the Termini to see more of the sights. I’d read somewhere that the Metro tickets are good for bus and train so I bought 2 more 100-minute specials and we boarded the bus. The driver didn’t ask for tickets or fares so we sat down unsure of what to expect. 

One thing I should have expected: bus journeys on cobbled streets can make bits of your body wobble in places you never knew you had bits. But the 30 minute bus journey was much more interesting than the 5 minute ride on the metro.

We got off the bus at the Termini without anyone asking for tickets so I have no idea if it was supposed to be free or if I should have waived the tickets at something in the bus. I suspect the latter so I still have them in case the bus driver tries to track us down to demand the faIr but the 100 minutes has expired.

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2 Responses to Rome Colosseum

  1. Kathy says:

    Where are the photos of you and Mary with a centurion guard in full gear and a sword saying he’s captured you………

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