The Rome metro

It’s not big. Understandable given the history of Rome and what must be buried beneath the city. There are 2 lines, A and B, and several ticket options ranging from 120 minutes to 3 days. And the station had ticket machines and a ticket office.

For our first trip we chose the cheapest, 100 minutes at €1.50 each, because we were going 3 stops and figured we could get there and back in that time. €3 is a bargain.

At the ticket machine the smallest note I had was €20. I spent several minutes going through the process several times: select language, select ticket option, select number of passengers, insert €20 note, retrieve €20 note from reject slot, select language etc etc. Eventually I read the message on the screen “maximum note value €5”.  So I turned to the ticket office. And read the sign: “NO TICKETS NO CHANGE”.

Back up to the square for an ice cream (it was hot today), then once more to the metro with my newly acquired €5 note. We were off!

Visited The Spanish Steps (much more impressive looking down rather than up and evidence I climbed them)


Then back to the metro before our 100 minutes expired.

It was at the automatic ticket barrier when I discovered the second sentence on the Valid For 100 Minutes ticket: Single Journey Only. Fortunately our earlier ice cream left us with enough change so buying a ticket at the ticket machine went much smoother.

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3 Responses to The Rome metro

  1. thegreyeye says:

    quite an experience, will remember to keep changes while visiting Rome . Thanks

  2. Kathy says:


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