South Wales, Saturday

We’re traveling east towards England and stop in Newport to visit Tredegar House


It’s a large stately home and was the estate of the Morgan family,one of the most powerful families in Wales, who owned significant portions of land in southeast Wales.One of the buildings dates back to the 15th century but the rest is a relatively modern 17th century structure.

In 1645, during the English Civil War, King Charles I visited. In the main dining room a  wooden frieze around the room has carved figurines, one of which is a rather  unflattering representation of the king.


One branch of the Morgan family was Sir Henry Morgan, 1635-1688, an admiral of the Royal Navy, privateer & buccaneer (polite words for pirate) in the Caribbean and the name behind Captain Morgan Rum.

He’s also something of a posthumous film star having appeared or been referenced in everything from The  Munsters TV series to Pirates of the Caribbean.


Mind you, not all the entertainment glory should go to Sir Henry. Tredegar House was also used for one or two episodes of Doctor Who


And I can’t leave without mentioning yet another en suite bathroom. Big room, small bath.


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