South Wales, Thursday

It’s a 40-minute drive east from Swansea to Cardiff. We stop on the way at another castle, Castell Coch (it’s Welsh, in English Red Castle) on the outskirts of Cardiff.  

This one is much more impressive. Originally built by the Normans in the 11th century, it fell into ruin 300 years later and was rebuilt in the 18th century as a replica Norman castle.

I would classify the Interior design approach as “no expense spared. The dining room:  

One of the fireplaces: 

And the master bedroom en-suite: 

And next to the master bedroom is the commode. There’s no sign of a flush so I’m not sure how it works but having said that, I don’t particularly want to explore it in any detail:


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3 Responses to South Wales, Thursday

  1. Kathy says:

    On your way back stop of at Tredegar House, my school. Full of history, fantastic grounds and nice coffee shop x

  2. Des says:

    Did you know that Castell Coch was featured in one of the Barry McKenzie Films?

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