Another Day, Another Beach Umbrella. With Tapas

The drive from Oliva to Denia is about 20 minutes on the N332. Just off the N332 in Nowhere In Particular is a drive in movie theatre  

We’ve passed it several times and I thought it was abandoned but far from it. The loud barking from several guard dogs and the notice board outside suggested it’s very much alive and well, though not something you’d think of enjoying on a hot sunny afternoon in June. 

So instead of watching a movie outdoors while sitting in an uncomfortably hot car (not really an option judging by the dates/times shown) we spent the day on the beach in Denia under a well-behaved rented umbrella.   

The afternoon winds came and went and we smugly watched one or two inexpensive umbrellas curl under the pressure (been there, done that, have the remains of the umbrella).

Then tapas; each time a bell rang at the bar another dish appeared.   


Very relaxing sitting on the restaurant patio watching the ships go by (it’s the little white dot on the horizon).  


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