Saturday evening in Oliva, Sunday in Denia

We drove into Oliva on Saturday, late afternoon. A quick stroll along the beach then an early dinner at one of the restaurants we spotted the other day. Or so we thought. All closed at 3pm, I presume for their dinner, open again from 8pm until midnight. 

We live in the U.S. Southwest and have become used to eating dinner around 5pm so this was something of a surprise. So it was back to our second-most favourite supermarket to pick something up for dinner.
Today we drove to Denia for lunch, a safer bet than looking for a 5pm dinner venue. It’s about 20 minutes’ drive down the coast from Oliva and is a bigger town with a sea port & marina.

Many of the restaurants had tables & chairs set up on the road in what are supposed to be car parking spots. But most shops are closed on Sundays so it didn’t seem to be a problem.

There were several artists at work in one of the squares. I was suitably impressed with this one!

 Every self-respecting town and city in Valencia Province has a castle and Denia is no exception.  

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2 Responses to Saturday evening in Oliva, Sunday in Denia

  1. Colleen Rock says:

    Not sure if I am leaving comments correctly as I click on ‘leave a comment’ and the field ‘Leave a Reply’ pops up. At any rate I am thoroughly enjoying your posts and have been sharing them with Dennis. Beautiful photos–so glad you and Mary are having a delightful time. We miss you both. Colleen

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