Oliva Beach Club and beach umbrella mechanics

It wasn’t here 2 days ago. Looks like our quiet beach gets busy in the summer. A sign on the side says Beach Club.

when we arrived we bought a couple of beach chairs, towels, and a beach umbrella because these are typically things you don’t take on plane journeys.

Admittedly we didn’t go for the most expensive equipment but even so, our umbrella seems to want to escape at the first hint of a breeze.

The first time out I dug a hole in the sand, pushed in the pole and unfurled the umbrella. I realised at once that this was not like all the other umbrellas around us, gently waving in the breeze. Ours was flapping like a demented scarecrow. For maybe 20 minutes. Then it took off, narrowly missing the couple next to us reclining under their still secure and obviously superior umbrella.

On our next outing we used a corkscrew thing that screwed into the sand to hold the pole and hopefully the umbrella. It did indeed stop the umbrella from rolling down the beach. Instead it turned inside out, making it somewhat ineffective.

Coincidentally, the shop is now closed. I can only assume the owner, flush with cash from our purchases, has gone on holiday. With, I presume, a more expensive beach umbrella.

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One Response to Oliva Beach Club and beach umbrella mechanics

  1. Colleen Rock says:

    A fun story to read! Loving reading your blog.. So nice to hear what a great time you are having. Loved the last photo of the umbrella.

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