Grocery shopping in Oliva, Spain

it’s been many years since we’ve shopped for groceries in Spain. Things have changed, The fresh fruit and vegetables looked wonderful and we bought all sorts, bagging them as we went, as requested by the dual-language “please bag your produce for health reasons” signs.

At the only checkout, with the ever-increasing line of people waiting to check out behind us, we began a hand-wavy conversation in our non-existent Catalan, bad Spanish, and grunting English with the lady at the cash register about the fruits and vegetables. This was eventually slightly translated by the couple behind us who told us that we had to weigh the produce in the aisles where we bought it. The machines print a label with the barcode and price that the checkout person scans.

So we checked out without the fruit & veggies, apologising to the crowd gathered behind us as we went. Then we put what goods we managed to pay for in the car and snuck back in, this time fully versed in fruit and veggie purchasing knowledge. We returned to the one and only checkout lady with a hearty “Ola” and our correctly labeled fruit & veg. 

This time all was fine but I’m left with lingering doubts. A banana is a banana is a banana. But… We bought apples; there were several different varieties so I picked the first one on the screen and pressed the button. Same for tomatoes. A bit like the Vegas slot machines really. I may have picked the right one, the cheapest one, or the most expensive one. Jackpot? No idea. 

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2 Responses to Grocery shopping in Oliva, Spain

  1. matt says:

    typical tourists…

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