A pleasant surprise on our BA flight to London

we landed in Chicago at terminal 3, gate 13. Checked the departure board and found the BA flight was leaving from terminal 5 so we started walking, following the signs to terminal 5. After a bit of a trek to gate 1 and the exit we reached the sign that said “you are now leaving the secure area”.  The prospect of having to go out and back in through security was a bit daunting so one of us (not me, I’m a man and men don’t ask for directions) asked how to get to terminal 5. The helpful person told us they have a transfer bus to terminal 5 that runs from gate 20.

So we trekked back down terminal 3, past gate 13, and on to gate 20 where a small sign on the counter said “transfer bus to BA terminal  5”. Magic!

And then joy of joys: BA moved us up from economy to economy plus. Bigger seats, more leg room, proper cutlery. What’s not to love! Brilliant flight, great service, and SpongeBob stayed on American Airlines.

In London. It’s raining. Lovely 😀

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