Countdown, of sorts

packed (mostly), checked in (almost), ready to go (nearly).

“checked in” is an ongoing drama. We’re flying American Airlines to Chicago tomorrow morning and British Airways Chicago to London in the  evening. If you go to the OneWorld Alliance web page you’ll see American is listed number one and British Airways is listed number two. So checking in online for both these carriers should be sort of smoothly OneWorldy. Far from it: I have seat assignments on AA to Chicago but I couldn’t check in this morning on the AA website until I had seat assignments on both AA and BA segments; and I couldn’t get a seat assignment on the BA website until 24 hours before flight departure from Chicago. So, after repeatedly trying, and failing, to get checked in online for the Phoenix-Chicago segment this morning I did all the other things we needed to do, like going from packed (mostly) to packed (done!).

Then at the appointed 24 hours before departure hour this afternoon I had another go. AA was still telling me I couldn’t check in for the first, AA, segment until I had seat assignments on the second, BA, segment. So back to the BA site I went to try and get seat assignment on the second segment in order to complete checkin on the AA site for the first segment. But again I was met with a “we are unable to complete checkin at this stage. Please check in at the airport” message. Around the same time, I received a helpful text message from BA saying my flight was now open for online checkin. So back round the AA / BA loop I went but to no avail. However, I did get a nice cheery popup on the BA site asking if I’d like to complete a Customer Service Feedback questionnaire on completion of my transaction. Wouldn’t I just!!

The final step in this valiant but entirely unsuccessful attempt was to call BA Customer Service. The helpful lady told us we’d been given seat assignments (last but one row but “they are together!”) but the flight was now blocked so we were unable to change the seats to empty ones further up the plane. While she was telling us this I was reading my text from BA saying I could view / change seat assignment and check in. So, happy in the knowledge that we had seats together, it was back to the AA website, which was apparently unaware we’d been given seat assignments on BA so we were still unable to check in for the first segment.

I know all this sounds confusing and I marvel at my ability to recount the whole sad sequence of events so clearly! One World? More like One Whirled but I don’t much feel like making a joke about it just yet. The adventure starts tomorrow…

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One Response to Countdown, of sorts

  1. Derek & Lee says:

    Good luck mate on your travels! Be safe & see ya in the fall😎

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