New rental for this week and slight drama

we checked in, unloaded our suitcases and the kitchen-load of groceries from the previous house and unpacked. Then the fridge started crackling. We ignored it for a few minutes, as you do, then I opened he freezer door. I could see at the rear of the freezer compartment a bright red glowing coiled wire. Well, you think all sorts of things like electrical problems, fires, apartment blocks burning down etc etc.

We walked, quickly, to reception to raise the alarm. “Oh” he said. “That’s just the freezer heating up the accumulated ice to melt it. It’s normal.” This was immediately followed by “we get asked this by people all the time”.

Well you have to think: if this is normal and people panicking for no reason is normal wouldn’t it be useful to put a notice somewhere saying “don’t mind the fridge – it boils the ice from time to time, makes a loud gurgling noise while it does it, but it’s normal”.

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2 Responses to New rental for this week and slight drama

  1. Sarah says:

    You forgot to mention that when you and mum popped out…you left In such a hurry you forgot to tell Hope and I that the apartment might burn doen!!

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