Downtown Disney and other adventures

After a late lunch we headed to Downtown Disney for the evening.  Here we enjoyed our first Disney ride: an hour in the car in stop and go traffic for the one mile from the highway to the parking lot. An hour passed as we admired the scenery and glided sedately along with the 3 lanes of traffic heading for the same place. 

All the left turns into the parking area were blocked by police cars with lights flashing so eventually we came out the other side of the Downtown area and made our way back towards home, with a slight detour:


Miniature golf. With temperatures dropping to the 50s F, the eight of us played 18 chilly holes at breakneck speed, making full use of clubs, hands and feet, and finishing close behind the surprised twosome who started the 18 holes immediately ahead of us. 

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2 Responses to Downtown Disney and other adventures

  1. Kathy says:

    O no! Was it due to too many people? I guess it’s easter holidays so quite a few people there 😩. You’ll be glad to get to the beach next week 😎

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