Alligators. There was gator wrestling, gator feeding; and there were small gators, big gators, one larger-than-average gator rescued because it had developed a taste for the neighbourhood dog population, and albino gators.

It was very instructional: you send a gator to sleep by rolling it onto its back and singing to it. And you wake it up by tickling its tummy. I will, of course, remember this but not with the expectation of making much use of it.

Hanging around the park were a number of these


I assume they were attracted by the remains of those who failed to listen to the above advice and either tried to tummy tickle before turning over the alligator or who possibly sang the wrong song. You know, the gator is a Country fan and you sing Frank Sinatra’s My Way.

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2 Responses to Gatorland

  1. Kathy says:

    What on earth is that bird?! It’s huge! Are the kids enjoying FLA?

    • It’s a vulture, not sure which type; About a foot tall. Sarah & Hope arrived last night and we got back here around 1am. Everyone enjoying themselves so far…

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